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The State is Violence

One of my Facebook friends wrote: “Apparently the state doesn’t want us to have health, housing, or education… They have found other ways to accumulate great wealth through organizations and institutions from the top (multi-national endeavors) — honestly, they just don’t need us anymore. We’re expendable. Why labor and manufacture when you can accumulate wealth through wars and economic bullying?”

Maybe we shouldn’t be looking to the State to provide those things. It’s a bad deal.

“That’s EXACTLY what the state is to provide for a vibrant, vital, thriving society.”

But instead we get this: “All states do is wage wars, raise taxes and enslave their populations with debts and regulation! Knowing that governments murdered 170 million people during the 20th century, we can all be forgiven for a little skepticism when we hear the argument that governments protect their citizens. It is blind, dangerous nonsense!” ~ Stefan Molyneux

Another response to the initial statement above: “We’d better get to providing Universal college soon, or the only thing your kid is going to need to know is how to say ‘Would you like fries with that?’ in French.”

And how exactly does providing college provide better jobs than food service? Some of the most productive and creative members of our society have no college degree. Now if colleges taught people how to think I might be inclined to agree. The State removes responsibility and reduces the quality of our interactions. We no longer have to care for the poor, sick and uneducated because the State has promised to do so for us. We no longer need to work together for the common defense of our communities because the State is doing it for us which is another point of isolation in the shift to associational relations in a Statist society.

Just 'cause it's a great book and you should read it.

“And the glorious State will also “invest” in the forthcoming Egyptian elections to ensure that Egyptians don’t have the same either.” That’s true as well. Not that elections ever changed anything.


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