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McMurtry’s “Cancer Stage”

The Cancer Stage of CapitalismThe Cancer Stage of Capitalism by John McMurtry
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Highly recommended. Published in 1999 this book is still relevant for anyone seeking to understand global corporate fascism.


The State is Violence

New to WordPress so I created a page that probably should have been a post: https://911nonviolence.wordpress.com/the-state-is-violence/ which was inspired by:

Stefan Molyneux on The Stateless Society Fights Back: Life without a state? Really? Answers to common questions.

note to self: fix this later

Nonviolence and Discipline

Nod to shrbri

“The first thing that I felt critical about, coming as I did from the Indian tradition, was the apparently almost complete lack of personal discipline on the part of the people who were supposed to be nonviolent activists…This was so completely different form the standards which we in India had learned from Gandhi…Another general trend seemed to be an emphasis on how to escape being hurt, how to avoid having the police turn hoses on you, etc. which was the exact opposite of the Gandhian tradition. These were the problems in the camps of the young whites. The blacks were very different. They had the discipline from Martin Luther King.” – Marjorie Sykes (British Quaker who lived and worked with Gandhi)